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Comments can be left anonymously or by registered users who get to claim their comment author "name" (username). Registered users can receive notifications about updates, and get 2x voting and marking. The article author gets 2x voting and 10x marking. Don't forget about Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement when posting your comments.

Votes and Marks

like You can like a comment if you think it is well presented, respectful, and/or you think other people should see it. (Just like other social media.)
dislike Or you can dislike a comment if you think it is poorly presented, disrespectful, and/or you think other people should skip reading it. (Just like other social media.)
agree You can agree with a comment if you think its premise is true and its reasoning is sound. (Remember - you can dislike a comment and still agree with it.)
disagree Or you can disagree with a comment if you think its premise is untrue or it has fallacious reasoning. (Remember - you can like a comment and still disagree with it.)
insightful You can mark a comment as insightful if you think it provided new insight or information on the topic, or just made you think. (Remember - something can be insightful and you can still disagree with it.)
funny You can mark a comment as funny if you think it is actually funny. (Not just trying to be funny.)
off-topic You can mark a comment as off-topic if you think it does not relate to the main article, or to the comment it replied to. (Remember - something can be off-topic and still be funny or insightful.)
troll You can mark a comment as troll if you think it is purposely deceptive, hateful, and/or is intended purely to induce a negative emotional reaction. (Remember - something can be marked as troll and also be marked as funny.)
spam You can mark a comment as spam if you think it was made only to present or endorse a particular brand or service. and did not contribute to the discussion. (Remember - something can be spam and also be funny and is probably off-topic.

Sorting and Filtering

Sorting - You can sort comments by their votes or marks. They are then subsequently sorted by oldest.
Filtering - You can hide (minimize) comments that exceed certain thresholds of votes or marks. All replies to a hidden comment are also hidden. Click the [+] or [–] in the upper left of each comment to hide or show it.

Comment Content

Your comment will appear as typed. White-space and special characters will be preserved.


Comments can be shared and linked-to using the comment# hyperlink in the lower-left corner of the comment.


Registered users can subscribe and receive email notifications about new comments, replies to your comments, replies to specific comments, and username mentions. All subscriptions are off by default.

Account Settings

See Account page. You can also get there by clicking on your username in the upper-right corner of the blog post.

Reporting Comments

You can report a comment with the link at the bottom of the comment and a moderator will review the comment and your report.
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