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About this blog

This is the personal blog of codywohlers. As described in the debut article Let's make a blog, this blog is mostly about my personal musings and random formal creations. Probably related to society and technology playing together, other times not. See for info about me. I won't be writing for profit or deadlines here, only formalizing my thoughts.

Comment System

Each article has a comment section that is nested, sortable and filterable. Comments can be left anonymously or by registered users who get to claim their comment author "name" (username). See the Help page for detailed information. Comments can be voted as liked or disliked, agreed with or disagreed with, and marked as any or all of: insightful, funny, off-topic, troll, and/or spam. Registered users can receive notifications about updates, and get 2x voting and marking. The article author (me) gets 2x voting and 10x marking. The comment section is an implementation of the comment-section project.

Advertising Policy

There may be advertisements on some or all blog posts. The few ads are visual-only, not embedded in the content, and should relate to the content. Also, if I mention something that I've used or know about in a post, I may include an affiliate link for the convenience of the reader. The proceeds go to help fund the server infrastructure to run this blog. If an article goes viral and I need to spool up more servers to handle to traffic, the extra revenue will be appreciated.

Privacy Policy

Usernames for posting comments are randomly assigned on first visit, or chosen by the user if an account is created. Cookies are saved on your client and are used to remember usernames and anonymous votes and marks on comments. Emails are only used to verify accounts during creation and to (optionally) receive updates about new comments, replies and/or mentions. Email addresses are not sold or released. If a registered account is deleted, all comment posts are changed to a random anonymous username. Passwords are hashed on the client during login before transmittal and again on the server before storage. HTTPS transport is required for registered users. Comments cannot be deleted or modified except by using the "report" function.

More Information

For more information see the Help page or contact codywohlers.

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